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SignoSeis Vineyards

From the Valley of Mendoza to Tasting Rooms in Charleston

SignoSeis Vineyards lies in picturesque Valle de Uco, one of the world's most extraordinary wine regions located just southwest of Mendoza, Argentina. Situated on the eastern slopes of the towering Andes Mountains, our winemakers work in the heart of a hot, dry desert-where rain is rare and the setting is largely stones and sunshine.


Here, irrigation is ultra-pure and the soil is virtually pest-free, with water originating in snow melt from mountain peaks and a long, arid growing season with 300 days of sunshine a year. Vines are nestled into a rich bed of rock, sand, clay and loam. Low humidity, drastic swings in day-to-night temperatures and altitudes of approximately 3,400 feet...all these elements come together to create the ideal environment for making superior wines with rich, intense flavors and aromas.

Our Story

Our path to making The Angel Oak wines in Valle de Uco started when managing partner Nigel Cooper boarded a 2006 flight from South Carolina to Argentina. Once there, he got on horseback to explore undeveloped, rugged countryside. Nigel saw a great growing opportunity-and immediately planted a vineyard together with his five Charleston, SC - based business associates.

Today, SignoSeis Vineyards lies in the center of one of the
most sought-after wine regions in the world.

Mendoza, Argentina

Located a short distance from Mendoza, Argentina is a secluded, private estate tucked into one of the world's most distinguished, sought-after wine regions: Valle de Uco. This idyllic place is where SignoSeis Vineyards lies.

Charleston, SC

After the final barrel blending stage and a period of rest, The Angel Oak wines make a 4,600-mile journey from Mendoza to Charleston, SC, where they age for up to a year before being released at fine wine shops and restaurants.